Youth Rowing: Middle and High School
75.00 - 670.00
Please choose the correct Session from the drop down list and add your rower's name and age in the comments section of the order.

*Required Paperwork- Information Form, Vancouver Lake Aquatic Center Rowing Waiver, Swim Test (see Forms and Waivers)

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Product Options
Spring 1st student in family, $450
Spring 2nd student in family, $225
Winter 1st student in family, $350
Winter 2nd student in family, $175
Summer 1st student, 6/24-7/12 $150
Summer 1st student, 7/15-8/9 $175
Interim Session, $100
Fall 1st student in family, $400
Fall 2nd student in family, $200
Canada Trip, $500
Summer 6/24-7/12 2nd student, $75
Summer 7/15-8/9 2nd student, $87.5
Coach Approved Installment $200
San Diego Fall Classic $670
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